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HEY there are now two files you need both to play game!!

TC info
-------The GI JOe TC by Nathaniel Miller----------
contains:-9 levels (2 episodes)
-All new bad guys: Viper, Crimson Guard, Night Viper, Heat Viper, Saw Viper, Hiss Tank, suicide BATs
-3 new (modified)weapons: Sniper Rifle, Blow Torch's flamethrower, Salvo's gun

The story
Episode 1: Special Missions - These levels have nothing to do with one another. They're all loosly based on issues of the comic book and each have there own stories.

Episode 2: Cobra Island - You start off with a breifing at the pit then go off and destroy Cobra Island step by step.

File Size: about 6 megs

Download pack 1 here!

Just unzip all files into your NAM directory then play NAM as you normally would.
Download Pack 2 here! (you must have both)

GI Joe TC for NAM